“Joseph Gordon-Levitt” Woodcut for HitRECord

I just finished printing “Joseph Gordon-Levitt” as the next print in

Woodcut Labels for Craft Beer

As handcrafters who take pride in keeping with tradition, there’s something

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Often when I complete a limited print edition I reserve an

Free Press Feature

In the November 18th, 2013 print edition of the Winnipeg Free

Signature Stamp Story

I spent a good chunk of 2007 hungover in Hollywood on

“Hollywooden” Woodcut Series

“…the modern world has too frequently offered Aphrodite its insults and

Chronos vs. Cronus: It’s About Time!

After witnessing a recent conversation about synchronicity, specifically the etymology of

“Tonkiri” Woodcut Print

This emblem symbolizes the core of Tonkiri, a centre being developed

Sámi “Spirit Wolf” Woodcut Print

This hand pressed woodcut print of a Sámi man’s spiritual transformation