Sámi “Spirit Wolf” Woodcut Print

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This hand pressed woodcut print of a Sámi man’s spiritual transformation into a wolf was inspired by the academic article, Skiing Down the Demon Wolf: Redefinition of the Predator in Johan Turi’s Sapmi by Tim Frandy. This print is available here in open edition for a limited time.

Adopted at birth in Canada, I’ve only recently discovered links that point a pint of my Euro-mutt blood toward a Sámi heritage. My adoptive parents do not share this blood and, like myself, weren’t even familiar with the word “Sámi” until then. “Laplander”, sure, and I remember my Scottish grandfather affectionately calling me that as a child, but not the proper “Sámi”. Regardless, I’m starting to explore and learn about the Sámi aspect of my mix through art. I create, I share, I learn by discussion both online and in person and connections are made. That’s the idea anyway.

In late 2012 I attended a six-week relief printmaking course in Minneapolis, MN. I not only fell in love with woodcut printmaking during my stay, but I also caught wind of and attended the Sámi Day events at Ingebretsen’s. There I met Kurt Seaberg, a prominent Sámi artist and (wouldn’t y’know it) printmaker working out of the same studio I was there learning at! Our meeting was brief, but its synchronicity acted as confirmation for me. I felt those worlds merging in my life as proof I was on the right path both personally and creatively. That’s the kind of flow I go with.

Soon after returning home I discovered the woodcuts of John Savio and became doubly inspired. Here I go.